Lucie  3 YR OLD Buckskin Paint Mare

I actually broke this mare. With her 4th ride, she started developing a serious case of sticky feet. Didnt want to go forward and was rearing and running backwards. Got that fixed and she was kicking out at every request for the canter. Got that fixed and she was a dream boat ride. She excelled when she finally threw in her union card!

I bought Lucie a year later and now own her.


Lucy - From Start to Graduation:


Lucy Bowing - a bonus treat!


Molasses  4 YR OLD AQHA Bay Appendix Mare

Gary Thompson broke this mare a year before I took her. He did a nice job with her, but she still had some fear issues and was really immature. I took time to solidify her foundation and work on more desensitation. Also taught her to sidepass, turn on the hind quarters (front around the rear.) Took her on several trail rides and she did great. This was a really smart little mare!



 Week 4

Week 5

The Tarp

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