My MAIN goals while training are:

1. Gain their respect so they move their feet

    forward, backwards, left & right whenever I

    ask with light cues/signals. (with this comes

    lots of desensitization)

2. Get directional control of their feet on the

    ground forwards, backwards, left & right

    under all conditions.

3. Get them light in the halter and bridle, both

    laterally and vertically.

4. Get control of their feet in the saddle,

    forwards, backwards, left & right with as light

    cues as possible.

5. Get control of their head & neck, poll,

    shoulders, ribs, and hind quarters in the

    saddle so I can control each section


6. Get them as comfortable as possible riding

    on the trail.


Depending on what the horse knows, and at what stage they are when I begin working with them, to get a horse good really good at all these things it takes about 90 days. But I do the best I can with them to get as far as I can in the shortest amount of time

The horses I train are worked every evening (weather permitting).

       ~15 30 minutes groundwork

       1 to 1.5 hours under saddle.

The weekends they are worked as well.

Totally depending on the weather, they are ridden 6-7 days a week.

The first week is the toughest, as this is primarily where the respect is established.


I start trail riding when I can easily move all 5 body parts independently (head & neck, poll, shoulders, ribs, & hindquarters) and have them well desensitized.


Owner of the horse is always welcome to come watch me work them, and would be welcome to come by to check up on them at any time.

Training progress can be provided via emails, & videos on YOUTUBE.

Owner will get a DVD when the horse goes home with all the training videos made in the process as well.